Life is Art

Day 7: Rose-styling!

Today’s post is a little earlier than usual.  I’m squeezing it in before I pick my kids up from school – excited that I have already ‘created space’ and it’s only 2pm 🙂

It was a foggy, drizzly morning again.  Not too cold.  Just lovely in my books.  Kids all got to school – barely on time but we did it.  I always think we have achieved a herculean feat when we can all get up, dressed, showered, hair brushed and in ponytails, breakfast made, lunches packed … and we make it to school by 7.45am.

Mornings are not my thing.  I mean, look at the pyjamas I got from Santa this year:

moody in the morning

Sorry, got off on a tangent.

Today I had the greatest of visits with my new friend and neighbor, Amy.  Amy is a bona-fide, for-real, sells-art-in-galleries, artist!  And I was super excited to finally get a chance to see some of her beautiful pieces in person.  I didn’t take any pictures of her paintings, because, well, thought that might be kind of rude.  Instead, I’m including a link to her website –  in case you have a painting you would like to commission… 😉

At any rate, we talked and talked and TALKED.  We visited with her two horses (gorgeous, I might add), and looked at her art.  And we talked some more.  About all kinds of stuff.  I even told her about this ‘creating space’ project I’m undertaking, as well as what I’ve been up to with Sally over at Two Wise Chicks.  We touched on topics far and wide, including New Years Resolutions (and how much I dislike them, and how much she usually achieves hers 🙂

I shared with her the vision we have at, and the goals to further our reach this year, to help more than just a few.  And to stretch our comfort zone by learning new things about marketing and product creation (a little scary for me/us).  And how we decided to be brave and vulnerable by starting the New Year asking our followers to give us input about the content they would like to see.

Change is hard – but exciting! And sometimes tedious.  But ultimately so worth it.  Case in point to follow:

Opening a rose
Day 7: Rose-styling!

I learned something really cool today.  And now I’m going to share it with you…  Did you know that you can coiff and style a rose?  I did not either!  So, you blow gently into the rose itself so that the wind from your breath gently pushes the petals apart.  Then take one petal from the outermost edge between your thumb and forefinger, and holding it near the base of the petal you simple fold the petal back on itself.  Repeat for all the petals

(or as many as you would like to get the look you desire!), working towards the center.

I have a new appreciation for floral stylists – I mean, doing a huge display of roses like this would take FOREVER.  But it is stunning.

There, I learned something new, and hopefully you did too.

Gotta run – time to pick up the kids!


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