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Day 10: Flower Arranging

Have you ever wondered, is it possible to ‘arrange’ the parts of our day or life so that it appears more beautiful than it actually is?

Oh right, that is called 99.9% of Facebook and Instagram posts.

Seriously though, isn’t it interesting how we generally want to ‘project’ the most positive view of ourselves.  Now, I know that this need to appear happy and fulfilled is not something that started with the advent of Facebook or other social-media sharing platforms.  Historically, nobody has liked to ‘air their dirty laundry’ – in fact, it has almost always been a social faux-pas to do so.  We are socialized to ‘handle it’.  When things are falling apart on the insides we use make-up and grout to fill in the cracks, smooth the surface. Give an image of ‘everything is great’ so that we can match what everybody else is projecting, too.

Basically, we don’t want to be different.  We want to feel a kinship with others.  We long for connection, acceptance and peace. And while peace is something that can be achieved when alone, it is difficult to maintain by oneself.

Today, I felt ‘connected’ in a very positive way.  While it is entirely possible this is a function of a particular hormonal state given whatever day I am in my cycle, I will take it as a positive thing. There was nothing particularly ‘different’ about today.  Still chilly. Kids stayed indoors playing with their Little Pet Shop toys and their tablets.

Oh wait!  There was one huge difference – there was Not. One. Argument!  There was just a really happy relationship vibe running around the place.

Anyway, we got our roman blinds hung today.  Super excited for that – they look better than I had hoped (and now I don’t worry about the deer outside peering in my bedroom window when I’m scantily clad). Also made a hearty stew for supper. Nothing better on a cold day than to eat stew – the epitome of comfort food.

My ‘art’ moment today involved arranging a bouquet of flowers.  The funny part of this is that this bunch of flowers was intended for my friend that I visited with on Friday.  Given my horrific memory, I forgot to take them to her… And she lives too far to simply drop them by.  Anyway, I decided to trim and put them into a vase.  They were fairly dejected looking and part of me wondered if the hassle of trimming was even going to be worth it… But hey-presto! I cut, edited, removed some really dead ones, arranged placement and they really didn’t look too bad.

What was most interesting, though, was that when I took a picture of

Flower Arrangement
Day 10: Flower Arranging

them with my phone and used one of the standard filters, the bouquet looked BEAUTIFUL!  Much better, in fact, than they do in real life.

That’s what prompted my train of thought today.

Perception is everything, really. I’ve said this before  – and I’m certainly not the first or only one to make this observation.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a stunning sunset, or a tree that ‘moved me’ to see, and yet the picture I take looks flat, dull and evokes nothing of the emotion that the original scene stirred in my soul.

This photo of a bouquet of half-dead flowers, however, turned out so. much. better. than they look in ‘real-life’. When I see this picture I feel all good things: sunny, hopeful, peaceful.

What about you?

On a side note, I wonder how many of the ‘pictures’ we have in our own minds (or see on Facebook, or Instagram) are just so much better than real life.

And does it matter?

With these thoughts, I bid you goodnight!

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